Quality Control

Having begun our business back in 2000, we have built up a “Quality Only” supplier chain stretching throughout Europe and Asia. We only source Top Tiles at Bottom Prices and are able to achieve this through these relationships with our suppliers. Once we receive an order we place random products through a 5 Step Testing Process.

This testing includes the following attributes:

  1. Shade – We ensure all tiles are consistent
  2. Water – We perform water immersion tests
  3. Warp –  Tiles that are warped do not make it on the floor
  4. Size   –  We test consistency of tiles for sizing within the batch
  5. Look  –  Glaze issues or other cosmetic impurities do not make First Quality Ratings.   

ANY tiles that do not make First Quality ratings, but are more than reasonable for Second grading are clearly marked as seconds and are at a greatly reduced rate. These particular tiles will generally have small aesthetic imperfections in a batch which maybe suitable for jobs not requiring First Quality finishes.